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    All about the electric nail file

    The electric nail file has been created to make it easier for you at home or in the clinic to create beautiful nails.

    The electric nail file can be used throughout the process, everything from prep of the natural nail, filing of the nail and removal. It's about having the right bit and the right speed.

    An electric nail file is, as a matter of fact, always equipped with a motor, a handpiece and a mechanical one that can change the speed. On the handpiece, you can insert the various bits at the top.

    Drill expert
    At The Gel Collection, we have developed our own electric nail file, which oozes quality.

    Drill Expert™ from The Gel Collection is an electric nail file of the highest quality. It offers continuously adjustable speed up to 30,000 revolutions per minute, two directions of rotation, almost silent motor and no vibrations in the handpiece. It is undoubtedly the perfect electric nail file for both the home user and the professional.

    In addition to its smart functions, it also has a perfect size that does not take up too much space on the table and is easy to pack away. In addition, 4 starter bits are included, which are ideal for getting started. However, the gripper arms are a completely standard size that the vast majority of bits on the market fit.

    • 2 directions of rotation: To ensure flexibility in working with the file, it naturally has two directions of rotation. It can therefore both turn left and right.

    • Stepless adjustment of speed: Adjustment of the rotation speed is an essential part of file work. That is why Drill Expert offers ™ of course a stepless speed adjustment, which means that you can gradually increase the speed without stepwise restrictions.

    • Safety system: If the product is overloaded by too much resistance (e.g. if it is stuck in something) the handpiece stops running to protect both you and the life of the product.

    • No vibrations: Due to the high quality, there are no vibrations in the handpiece - even at the highest rotational speed. This is both to ensure a pleasant experience and to avoid a challenging file process.

    • Almost silent motor : The motor is largely silent and ensures that the machine can be used outside noise nuisance.

    • Practical holders: A holder for the handpiece is fixed on the back of the machine, so that it is super easy to put the file down during and after use. In addition, there are five holes on the front of the machine so that you can easily store bits for quick replacement.

    • 4 starter bits: A small box with 4 starter bits is included, which are especially good for PREP. In addition, the included sand roller can easily remove Gel Polish.


    • Rotation speed : Up to 30,000 rpm
    • Bit size: 3/32” (completely standard size for the vast majority of bits)
    • Power: 35W
    • Voltage: 100V-120V/220V-240V; 50-60Hz

    What speed and what bit?
    In the picture below, you can see an overview of the speed of our drill expert. These are not shown on the machine itself.


    When you have to prep/prepare your nail, we recommend that you use as low a speed as possible, i.e. around 6,000 revolutions, so as not to damage the natural nail.

    We recommend several bits for the prep/preparation of the natural nail:

    Our cuticle bit - this is used to go around the cuticle and remove the invisible cuticle

    A mandrel bit , with a 320 grit sandpaper roll - is used to buff the natural nail and create a grid the product can adhere to. Here it is important to have low revolutions, as you are all the way down and touch the natural nail, and that high revolutions can release heat, when using sandpaper rolls.

    For a detailed description of the prep, you can watch our video guide right here .


    When you need to file a nail, be it Builder Gel or Polygel, there are several options.

    In terms of speed, we recommend that you do not have a right hand revolution of more than 18,000. The reason is that you still need to be able to control how much product is removed.

    For general filing of the nail, you can use any ceramic bit you want, as long as it is extra fine (yellow marking) or fine (red marking). You can also use our mandrel bit , with a 180 sandpaper roll . The reason why the bit snow should not be coarser is to avoid removal of product, and only to create the shape.


    When removing, you can use both an almond bit or the ceramic bits. In terms of grit, we recommend the fine (red marking) or medium (blue marking) if we are talking about the ceramic bits, 100 or 180 grit in sandpaper rolls if you use a mandrel bit .

    Your speed must be somewhere between 18,000 - 24,000 revolutions, however it is not necessary to have a speed above 18,000

    We always recommend following our video guides for correct removal.