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    Lift - when the product lifts off the nail

    When working with nail products, it is not a question of whether you will come to experience lift. It is more a question of when. Lifting can happen to anyone, and as a beginner you will probably experience it more often.

    Lift is when the nail product lifts off the nail plate - and there can be many reasons why this happens. The most frequent causes of lift are:

    • that the prep is not done effectively enough (especially around the cuticle)
    • that product has been applied to the skin
    • that the free edge has not been sealed
    • that you have a type of nail that has more difficulty with good adhesion (e.g. oily or thin nails)
    • that the product is not properly cured in the UV lamp
    • that the hands are extra exposed to blows, shocks, chemicals, water etc. in everyday life
    • that you have not followed the instructions when applying the product
    • that the structure and shape of the nail is not optimal (e.g. missing strong points)
    • that you have a nail injury or nail disease

    The list above is not exhaustive, but can give an idea that there can be many reasons why a nail product lifts prematurely.

    The different types of lift
    Lift can occur in several places on the nail, and the location can actually tell a lot about the underlying cause. If there are no completely obvious reasons for the lift (such as the product definitely hitting the skin or the like), the factors below may be contributing.

    1. Lift at the cuticle
    When a nail product lifts around the cuticle area, it is often because you have not removed either the cuticle or the invisible cuticle well enough. Another reason could be that you have not cleaned well enough with Cleaner+ right up to the nail bed, that you have not applied the Hard Base Coat far enough up, or that the Top Coat does not completely cover the color in the cuticle area.

    A few good tips to prevent this can be to clean with a Micro Wipe Stick wetted with Cleaner+ at the edge of the nail, and below the cuticle, so that you remove all file dust and dirt before applying the Hard Base Coat .
    Applying your Hard Base Coat (and other products) with a Nail Art Brush , to be able to gently push the product closer to your cuticle, of course still without hitting.

    2. Lift the sides of the nail
    When a nail product lifts on the sides of the nail, it is often because the shape and strength points have not been built up correctly during reinforcement or extension. Thereby, the product can lift or break at its weak points. (You can see how we recommend that you build your nails on our learning universe , or the blog post about Building the artificial nail )

    When using Gel Polish without reinforcement or extension, it may be because you have too thin nails for the Gel Polish in itself to hold optimally, and it can therefore be considered whether you should use a reinforcement for the nails, such as . Rubber Base, Builder Gel or Polygel. It can of course also be due to insufficient preparation before applying the product.

    3. Lift on the tip of the nail
    When a nail product lifts all the way out on the tip of the nail, it is almost always due to the lack of sealing the free edge or because it is not sealed well enough. It could also be that the seal has been filed away afterwards, or that daily work (e.g. typing on a computer or the like) has worn away the seal.

    4. Lift in the middle of the nail (pocket lift)
    When a nail product lifts in the middle of the nail, it is often because the structure of the nail has been incorrect. An incorrect construction leads to an uneven load on the nail and the product, which can cause a lift in the middle of the nail. It can also be because you have waited too long to make a filling, whereby the shape of the nail has become out of balance over time. Last but not least, it can of course also be because you have not been efficient enough when preparing the nail before the product was applied.

    What to do when lift occurs?
    When lift occurs, it is important to remove the lifted product as soon as possible. The reason is that a small cavity can occur between the nail and the product, which creates optimal conditions for bacterial growth - including greenie (read more about greenie here. ). In addition, it creates an imbalance in the nail's strength points, which can cause damage to the nail.
    Lift is removed by either removing the entire product on the affected nail or by simply filling it up .