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    The ultimate packing list for the holidays💅☀️

    Summer has finally arrived, and that means that for many of us it is time to pack our bags and go on a well-deserved holiday - either abroad or in Denmark ☀️ . No matter where you are going, there are some things that just cannot be missing from your travel bag. Namely your essential nail equipment! 🤩

    Therefore, we have put together a list of indispensable products that will be useful for your time away from the home salon:

        1. Cuticle clipper and file: A good cuticle clipper and file are indispensable tools to keep your nails in the right length, shape and beautiful. Now, should our worst nightmare happen, that we split a nail, it's important to have these basic tools at hand!
        2. Nail oil: Our nails are exposed to a lot of stress and drying out during the holidays, so it's important to give them a little extra love and care. You can imagine that the nail is like a branch. If the branch is fresh and full of natural fluid, you can easily bend it without it breaking. If, on the other hand, the branch has become completely dry, it will easily split in the middle at even the slightest stress. The same applies to the nails. Good nail oil is therefore essential to achieve optimal durability and to maintain healthy and strong nails💅
        3. Good knowledge: Do you need something to immerse yourself in while you enjoy the sun's rays? Say no more! 🥳 You can bring our theory book, the ultimate guide to beautiful and durable nails, and learn the many tips and tricks. It is perfect for you if you are curious to learn more and get smarter!

    Remember , nail care is about more than just aesthetics. It is also about the health of the nails! With these essential products in your holiday bag, you can maintain healthy and beautiful nails - wherever you are.

    Press On Tips:
    If you use our fantastic Gel Press On Tips, you can further save even the most miserable accidents should a broken nail occur - without the use of our UV lamp!

    This means that you can apply an already varnished Press On Tip if you happen to break a nail. How might you think? By using our Press On Tape 🤩

    Our Press On Tape are small pads of double-adhesive gel tape that ensure that a tip can stick to the natural nail for up to three days. Either the nails fall off by themselves (without pulling off the top nail layers to the detriment of the nail), or they can be easily removed by applying a drop of oil under each nail so that the double-stick gel tape dissolves - and you've already packed your oil!

    It is therefore a perfect temporary solution for beautiful nails, where you can fix the nail completely when you get back home! ☀️ 🌴

    Longer journey:

    But should it be that you are away for an extended period (lucky you 🤭) where you would like to relax by doing your nails from scratch on either your feet or your hands? Of course, you still have to remember the first three important things described (nail file, nail oil and theory book), but apart from that you can just pack:

    • The Dual LED Flash™ HOME UV/LED lamp
    • Hard Base Coat
    • Gel Polish
    • Top Coat No Wipe
    • Cleaner+
    • Prep & Prime
    • Lint-free wipes
    • Cuticle pusher
    • Cuticle trimmer
    • Rose sticks

    NOTE: if you amplify with or Polygel or applying Press On Tipper, you must of course pack this with 🌸

    We wish you a WONDERFUL summer with beautiful and well-groomed nails 🤩 🌴🍦☀️