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    Before you start making beautiful nails at home


    At Neglefeber, we are very keen that you have a good experience with your nail products - both in the short and long term. We make an incredible effort to deliver the best products, the best service and to make general knowledge about correct nail technique available to everyone. Based on this, we have prepared a large number of detailed video guides, an in-depth theory book and a lot of other learning material, which contributes with good advice and guidance to those of you who want to do your own nails at home.

    Our entire large learning universe is built around our own brand The Gel Collection, which is a collection of nail products that are free of 21 types of harmful chemistry – without compromising on quality and durability. The Gel Collection therefore combines top quality with a 21FREE concept , which means that all products are 100% free of hema, di-hema, mehq, parabens, formaldehyde, toluene, sulfates and many more harmful and unwanted ingredients. In addition, all the products are made extra gentle on the nail, as everything from Gel Polish to Builder Gel and Polygel can be removed with Fast Acetone Remover. Last but not least, minerals have been added to give extra strength and durability. With the new products from The Gel Collection, we are therefore at the forefront of the market and will be the first to deliver a formula of this calibre. We would venture to say that it is the best alternative on the market if you want to avoid as much harmful chemistry as possible and want to keep your natural nails healthy and strong.

    Before you get started

    Before you start your nail treatment, there are a number of points you must review in order to adapt the treatment specifically to you. These points are important both in terms of ensuring optimal durability and a nail treatment that is not harmful to you.

    1. Get your basic knowledge under control

    • Read through the relevant theory sections in the theory book .
    • Find the step-by-step guides that are relevant to your chosen products and read them through.
    • Find the corresponding video guides at and look through them. The videos are a really good supplement to the written material, since they visually go through all the steps of your nail treatment. You can also advantageously see them at the same time as you do your nails.

    2. Prepare your nail equipment

    • Find all the nail equipment you need.
    • Place the equipment in front so that it is easy to access during your nail treatment. Preferably sit in a place with good light and where you can sit optimally so that you can use your hands properly. If necessary, have your coffee and TV series ready so that you do not have to interrupt the nail treatment during the process.
    • Ensure all equipment is cleaned and disinfected. See page 20 in the theory book or in our online learning universe here .

    3. Examine your nails

    • Identify your nail type. See page 5 in the theory book.
    • Identify your nail shape and growth direction if you need to lengthen or strengthen. See page 12 in the theory book.
    • Check if you have any nail injuries or diseases. See page 26 in the theory book.

    4. Perform your nail treatment