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    Nail care

    It is important to maintain good nail care, therefore we would like to tell you how we recommend that you can maintain good nail care, using a few steps and quite easily.

    Imagine that the nail is like a branch. If the branch is fresh and full of natural fluid, you can easily bend it without it breaking. If, on the other hand, the branch has become completely dry, it will easily split in the middle at even the slightest stress. Exactly the same applies to nails. Therefore, it is important that you always focus on moisturizing and caring for your nails - especially when you wear nail products, because nail products block the nails' natural oil supply. The natural oil supply contributes necessary vitamins and minerals, which keep the nails strong and healthy, just as the oil protects against external risks. Nail care is therefore essential to achieve optimal durability of any product and to maintain healthy nails.

    For optimal nail care, apply nail oil twice daily. The oil must be applied both at the cuticles and under the nail. It is also important to keep your hands moist with a good cream.

    Nail biting and nail pills

    If you are a nail biter or have a habit of picking at your nails, it is extremely tempting to strengthen or lengthen your nails. In most cases, it also makes good sense, as a hard product on bitten/peeled nails can prevent further biting/peeling and give the nails time to grow. However, there are a number of things that you need to be aware of to ensure that you have a good experience using the nail products.

    The condition of the nail on bitten/peeled nails can vary. Some get very thin and damaged nails, while others will find that the body tries to compensate by overproducing, which can lead to thickened nails.

    If you are one of those who get thin and damaged nails, you will have an increased risk of experiencing lift, as hard nail products can have difficulty adhering to a soft and damaged nail. In that case, you must have extra patience with prep and ensure frequent top-ups. If you instead belong to those who get overproduced nails, you will less often experience challenges with lift. On the other hand, in that case you will still have to pay extra attention to frequent refills, as the nail can grow extra quickly.

    A typical procedure for nail biters/nail filers will involve reinforcing the natural nail with Builder Gel or making a short extension with Builder Gel on a classic tip. From there, the recommendation is to make a top-up every two weeks for the first 1-2 months, after which the top-ups can slowly transition to a regular top-up interval of 3-4 weeks.

    Also note that nail biting/nail pilling can give rise to inflammatory conditions. If you feel inflammation, you must keep the area clean and take care to rest it until it is fully healed. If the condition becomes so bad that it is very painful, red and swollen, it is recommended to contact the doctor for proper treatment.