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    Step-by-step: Applying Gel Polish


    Dear child has many names. Gel Polish, UV varnish, Shellac, Gellac. There are many words for the same thing - namely a hybrid between classic nail polish and a thin UV-curing gel. Gel Polish can keep its color and shine approx. 2-3 weeks, and it is extremely easy to change color or create unique designs and effects. It is often applied in 2-3 thin layers with Hard Base Coat underneath and Top Coat No Wipe above.


    1) Prepare Gel Polish colors
    The color pigments in Gel Polish colors can fall to the bottom over time. Therefore, the color must be mixed before use. Avoid shaking the bottle as this can create air bubbles. The best way to mix Gel Polish colors is by turning the bottle upside down and placing it between two flat hands. Next, the bottle is rolled back and forth in the hands.

    2) Perform an effective prep
    See the correct procedure in the step-by-step guide here .

    3) Apply Base Coat and cure for 60 seconds
    Make sure that the Base Coat is "rubbed" well into the nail. This is done by pressing the tip of the brush into the nail plate with a pushing movement. It is important not to get too much product on the brush, since the nail should only be covered by a very thin layer. The free edge must also be sealed.

    Note that there will be a sticky layer on the Base Coat after curing. Sticky layer is a very thin layer of uncured product, which must ensure that the next layer has something to stick to. Sticky layer is necessary and completely normal. It must not be removed.

    4) Apply first coat of Gel Polish color and cure for 60 seconds
    When applying Gel Polish color, it is important to apply very thin layers. Thick layers can cause wrinkles in the surface, uneven color or remain uncured. A good rule to remember is that if your Gel Polish flows into the cuticle, it is because you have applied too thick a layer.

    1. Dip the brush into the bottle and wipe off most of the Gel Polish color on the inside of the neck of the bottle. Next, scrape up a small bead of Gel Polish color from the side of the bottle's neck.

    2. Place the brush in the middle of the nail and push the color down towards the cuticle. Make sure the brush is behind the color at an angle that is relatively horizontal with the nail. When the color is placed as close to the cuticle as possible (without hitting the cuticle), the color is drawn vertically down the rest of the nail.
    3. Seal the free edge.

    4. Lift the brush from the nail and now place it in the middle of the nail right up to the cuticle. Then draw the color out towards the right side and all the way down the nail. Repeat the same on the left side.

    5. Once Gel Polish has been applied to all five nails, they must cure for 60 seconds in the UV lamp.

    If you find it difficult to create a sharp edge of color that lies very close to the cuticle (without hitting the skin), you can advantageously use a thin Nail Art brush to push the color a little further up towards the cuticle.

    5) Apply second coat of Gel Polish color and cure for 60 seconds
    Apply using the same procedure as described in the previous step.

    6) Apply Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds
    Top Coat is applied using the same method as Gel Polish color. It is "No Wipe", which means that it does not have a sticky layer (a thin sticky layer) after curing. It is therefore not necessary to clean with Cleaner+ .

    7) Finish with nail oil
    Wash hands and apply nail oil . The oil must be applied both at the cuticle and under the nail. Read more about daily nail care on page 22 of the Theory book for perfect nails , or on our blog .