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    Rules to remember when applying the product

    Sealing of the free edge

    When applying product to the natural nail, it is important that the free edge is sealed. Sealing the free edge means that product is applied all the way to the edge of the tip of the nail. This creates a seal of the exposed area at the tip of the nail. This minimizes the risk of liquids, oils, dirt, etc. from everyday life slips between the nail and the product. Sealing of the free edge must be done in between all layers you apply to the nail.

    If product flows under the nail while sealing the free edge, it can be advantageously removed with a Rosenpind , or a Micro Wipe Sticks moistened with Cleaner+ before curing. Just be aware that it is only the product under the nail that is removed and not the product that is just placed on the tip. Sealing the free edge is only important when product is applied to the natural nail. It is less important when applying product directly to an extension. However, it may be a good idea to do anyway for cosmetic reasons.

    Placement of product away from the skin
    One of the most important rules to remember when applying nail products is that you must never touch the skin with the product. There are primarily two reasons for this. Firstly, the skin constantly secretes fluids and fats. If a product hits the skin, there is therefore an ongoing risk that liquids and fats can penetrate under the product. This results in a lift within a fairly short time. Secondly, product on the skin can increase the risk of contact allergy. If you get product on the skin, it is therefore important to have the product removed as soon as possible. This is done easily and effectively by scraping off the excess product with a Rosenstick or with a Micro Wipe Stick with Cleaner+ .