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    Step-by-Step: Extension with Soft Gel Press On Tipper


    The new Soft Gel Press On Tips from The Gel Collection, are the newest and easiest tips for making nail extensions. They are produced from real jelly, which is simply pre-hardened in the perfect shape - and then they last 3-4 weeks!

    In contrast to the classic tip system, the Press On Tipper covers the entire nail. There is therefore no need to build up the nail with either Builder Gel or Polygel afterwards. You just need to apply the tips and finish with a Gel Polish color of your choice.

    Our Soft Gel Press On Tips are extremely gentle on the nail, as they are extremely easy to dissolve in Fast Acetone Remover . You can therefore remove them effortlessly and avoid even the slightest wear and tear on the natural nails.


    1) Find the right size tipper

    It is important that the press on tippers fit the nails perfectly and neither press on nor pull on the natural nail shape. A press on tip that is too large will go beyond the edges of the nail and/or have a wider c-curve (arch) than the natural nail. A press on tip that is too small will not cover the entire nail and/or have a narrower c-curve than the natural nail.

    The perfect press on tip fits exactly from side to side without having a c-curve that is too wide or narrow and will therefore neither pull in nor press on the nail. If you cannot find a tip that fits perfectly with both sides and c-curve, you can choose a tip that is basically too big, but which fits with the c-curve. From there, the tip can be filed so that it also fits perfectly with the sides of the nail and the shape of the cuticle.

    2) File the inside of all tips and clean with Cleaner+
    In order for the Press on tips to stick to the nail, a rough underside must be created on all the tips. This is done with the 100 side of a 100/180 grit file . It is important that the entire area that will sit on the natural nail is roughened. If you have an electric nail file , you can instead file the inside of the tips with e.g. a grit 100 or 180 grit sandpaper. The rounded shape of the bit makes it extra easy and efficient to file the underside of the tips. Finally, clean the tip free of dust with a Lint Free Wipe saturated with Cleaner+ .

    3) Perform an effective prep
    See correct procedure in the step-by-step guide for prep .

    4) Apply Base Coat and cure for 60 seconds
    Make sure that the Base Coat is "rubbed" well into the nail. This is done by pressing the tip of the brush into the nail plate with a pushing movement. It is important not to get too much product on the brush, as the nail should only be covered by a very thin layer. Remember to also seal the free edge. 

    Note that there will be a sticky layer in the Base Coat after curing. Sticky layer is a very thin layer of uncured product, which must ensure that the next layer has something to stick to. Sticky layer is necessary and completely normal. It must not be removed.

    5) Apply and fix the Press On Tips in the MINI Dual LED Flash lamp for 30-60 seconds
    Apply an appropriate amount of Press On Gel Glue to the inside of the tip. Avoid placing glue all the way to the edges, as this will flow into the cuticles when the tip is placed on the nail. Place the edge of the tip at the edge of the cuticle. From here, the tip is moved downwards over the rest of the nail so that the tip pushes out the appropriate amount of Press On Gel Glue onto the entire nail plate below the tip.

    When the tip is correctly seated, carefully guide it under the MINI Dual LED Flash lamp , while continuing to keep it correctly positioned with the other hand. It is important that you hold the tip of the tip so that you do not cover the UV light. After 30-60 seconds the tip should be stuck with a superficial cure and the tip can now be released. Repeat this process with all five nails.

    If you have accidentally applied too much Gel Glue and it flows over the edges of the tip , it is important to remove it effectively. A tip to correct for Gel Glue beyond the edges is that when the tip has been under the MINI Dual LED Flash lamp for 5-10 seconds, take your hand out, after which you can easily scrape the semi-soft Gel Glue away from the skin. After 5-10 seconds, the glue is not completely hardened, and it can therefore be easily pulled off in one piece - without being too stiff.

    If, on the other hand, air holes appear under the tip , it is often due to too little applied Gel Glue - or that you have chosen a tip that is too small compared to your c-curve. In the event that air holes appear under the tip , remove the tip and try to apply a little more Gel Glue . If air bubbles still appear under the tip , a new tip must be found that fits better with the c-curve of the natural nail.

    6) Thoroughly cure in the large Dual LED Flash UV lamp for 60 seconds
    Once all five nails have been tipped and surface cured in the MINI Dual LED Flash lamp , they must be thoroughly cured in one of the large Dual LED Flash UV lamps for 60 seconds.

    7) File shape, length and transition to
    If desired, the length and shape of the tips can be adjusted. This can e.g. done with the 180 side of a 100/180 grit file . For some, it will also be necessary to file the transition from the edge of the tip to the cuticle a little more, so that the transition is smoother. This can be done carefully with e.g. a 320 grit file or a 320 grit sanding roller on an electric nail file .

    8) Create a roughness on the surface of the tip
    Since Soft Gel Press On Tips are completely smooth, it is important to create a slight roughness in the surface of the tips, so that the Gel Polish color has something to stick to. The roughness can e.g. is created with the 100 side of a 100/180 grit buffer .

    9) Remove dust with a Flufffri Wipe and Cleaner+
    Wet a lint-free wipe with Cleaner+ and wipe the nail free of dust.

    10) Apply first coat of Gel Polish color and cure for 60 seconds
    When applying Gel Polish color, it is important to apply very thin layers. Thick layers can cause wrinkles in the surface, uneven color or remain uncured. A good rule to remember is that if your Gel Polish flows into the cuticle, it is because you have applied too thick a layer.

    1. The color pigments in Gel Polish colors can fall to the bottom over time. Therefore, the color must be mixed before use. Avoid shaking the bottle as this can create air bubbles. The best way to mix Gel Polish colors is by turning the bottle upside down and placing it between two flat hands. Next, the bottle is rolled back and forth in the hands.
    2. Dip the brush into the bottle and wipe off most of the Gel Polish color on the inside of the neck of the bottle. Next, scrape up a small bead of Gel Polish color from the side of the bottle's neck.
    3. Place the brush in the middle of the nail and push the color down towards the cuticle. Make sure the brush is behind the color at an angle that is relatively horizontal with the nail. When the color is placed as close to the cuticle as possible (without hitting the cuticle), the color is drawn vertically down the rest of the nail.
    4. Apply Gel Polish color to the tip of the nail.
    5. Lift the brush from the nail and now place it in the middle of the nail right up to the cuticle. Then draw the color out towards the right side and all the way down the nail. Repeat the same on the left side.
    6. Once Gel Polish has been applied to all five nails, they must cure for 60 seconds in the UV lamp.

    If you find it difficult to create a sharp edge of color that lies very close to the cuticle (without hitting the skin), you can advantageously use a thin Nail Art brush to push the color a little further up towards the cuticle.

    11) Apply second coat of Gel Polish color and cure for 60 seconds
    Apply using the same procedure as described in the previous step.

    12) Apply Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds
    Top Coat is applied using the same method as Gel Polish color. It is "No Wipe", which means that it does not have a sticky layer (a thin sticky layer) after curing. It is therefore not necessary to clean with Cleaner+ .

    13) Finish with nail oil
    Wash hands and apply nail oil . The oil must be applied both at the cuticle and under the nail. Read more about daily nail care on our blog.