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    Christmas gift inspiration 2023

    Argument 1: "You get more time to be alone"

    Imagine this: while you're busy creating the most amazing nail designs, your partner suddenly has more time for their own hobbies and thinks you're doing it for them too.
    So what can you say? "Honey, when I'm busy doing my nails, you're free to watch movies, play video games, or something else in peace and quiet. It's a win-win!"

    Argument 2: "I become self-reliant and independent"

    Your partner can never say no to you becoming more independent, right? So when you're in the process of persuading, you also say: "When I can do my own nails, I'm more independent and don't have to go to the salon all the time. It saves both time and money!".

    Argument 3: "I feel extra beautiful"

    We've all heard that: "When you look good, you feel good." So why not take advantage of this feeling? Tell your partner, "When my nails are beautiful, I feel much more confident. It makes me a happier version of myself, and it will definitely make you happy too."

    Argument 4: "Creativity is healthy"

    Nail looks are a form of creativity that improves our mind and mood. Therefore, you can tell your partner: "When I do nails, I get the opportunity to express my creativity and let my imagination fly free. It makes me happy". Happy wife, happy life!