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    Polygel Starter Pack

    DKK 1,299.95

    Perfect for both extension and a good strengthening of your own nails, where the nail is built up from the ground up. Polygel is thicker in consistency and is easily modulated around the nail a bit like modeling wax. It is suitable for making the following fillings and can thus be refreshed easily.

    Shelf life: 3-4 weeks
    Refill: Yes, refreshed approx. every 3 weeks
    Video guides available

    Soft Gel Press On Tipper Starter Pack


    Extending the natural nail in an easy and durable way without having to master the technique of building the nail from scratch. The tips are made of gel that has been pre-cured, so they already have the perfect shape and length.

    Shelf life: 3-4 weeks
    Filling: No (Yes, if applied with Polygel)
    Video guides available

    Soft Gel Press On Add-on package


    This additional purchase package is for you who already have a starter package, but who want to purchase the equipment to be used to make the Soft Gel Press On Tipper.